Kaci Hickox, Ebola Quarantine-Fighting Nurse, To Move Away From Maine

Kaci Hickox, the nurse who successfully fought the Ebola quarantine, is ready to break out again. Only this time, she is going to be gone for good. Once she completes her 21-day incubation and quarantine period, Hickox and her boyfriend are planning to move out of Maine and start over somewhere else.

According to USA Today, the 33-year-old nurse will be able to leave on Monday, November 9, as that is when her official quarantine is over.

Hickox was recently in West Africa and treated Ebola patients, but she has since returned to her home in Maine and been dealing with the quarantine in her own way. She recently hit the news headlines by breaking quarantine and taking a bike ride with Ted Wilbur, her boyfriend.

She wasn’t trying to make a political statement or anything with her bike ride and breaking quarantine, but she wanted the world to know that this was about something else. Kaci Hickox wanted everyone to realize that the government can’t control the Ebola situation, and that it’s about “science, not politics.”

The Portland Press Herald reported that Hickox and Wilbur will move to another state, but there was no indication as to where. Wilbur has also recently withdrawn from an accelerated nursing program at the University of Maine, as he said they are simply “going to try and get our lives back on track.”

Wilbur has been concerned about threats from other students or even silent protests due to what he and Hickox have been through.

Kaci Hickox has shown not a single sign of Ebola, a disease which has killed close to 5,000 people in West African countries such as Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia. She had actually been treating patients in Sierra Leone and returned to the United States back on October 24.

Upon arrival in New Jersey, she was allowed to travel back to Maine, but the governor and health officials attempted to put a mandatory quarantine in place. A judge would not impose that order, and allowed Hickox to leave her home as long as she was monitored for symptoms of Ebola.

Wilbur has said Hickox needs to find a job still, but she has the experience and knowledge in public health programs to likely find something quickly. He also said that she would be willing to speak to medical groups that are in West Africa about possibly heading back there to treat more Ebola patients.

Whatever the couple decides, they are merely looking to have their life back to normal and stay out of the public spotlight. Kaci Hickox wants the world to know more about Ebola, but wants them to know the facts and not just what people in political offices are afraid of without even realizing what it is.