‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Is Eugene Hiding Something?

The Walking Dead fans will learn a lot more about Eugene and Abraham tonight in “Self Help.” The title actually hints at a pretty big reveal that could change the trajectory of the show. So who is doing something horrible to help themselves?

After Abraham and his group were introduced, it seemed like The Walking Dead was going to treat viewers to an epic road trip to Washington D.C. However, “Self Help” could bring that journey to a screeching halt (warning: major spoilers lie ahead).

According to Spoiler TV, tonight’s episode will solely focus on Abraham and the group who left for Washington D.C. His group includes Maggie, Glenn, Rosita, Eugene, and Tara. Viewers will see a flashback of Abraham before he encountered Eugene, and this will provide a better understanding of the character and his obsession with finding a cure for the zombie plague.

Unfortunately, the flame-haired commando’s plans will come unraveled because of something fans of the Walking Dead comic books already know about — Eugene is a liar. In the sneak peek video below, Glenn seems a bit suspicious when Eugene says his knowledge about the cure is “classified,” but Glenn quickly gets distracted by the supposed scientist’s mullet.

According to the Spoiling Dead Fans, something will happen in tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead that makes Eugene finally confess the truth — there is no cure. He’s been lying about it so that Abraham will protect him. What happens to make Eugene drop the scientist charade has to be pretty big because he’s managed to keep his mouth shut while numerous people have died trying to feed him, protect him, and get him to D.C. Eugene’s confession causes Abraham to actually break down and cry, and you can catch a glimpse of Eugene falling to his knees in the Walking Dead promo below.

The D.C. group’s bus will crash in “Self Help,” which is why you see them traveling on foot (don’t worry — no one will die in the crash). Interestingly, Spoiling Dead Fans reveals that Abraham will decide against rejoining Rick’s group at the church, but there’s no explanation as to why he makes this decision. The D.C. group will find a fire truck and head north.

Spoiler TV reports that fans of The Walking Dead can actually look forward to two different sex scenes featuring two different couples tonight (presumably Glenn and Maggie and Abraham and Rosita). Raina Reveals teases that “Eugene likes to watch,” so it sounds like he’ll be playing Peeping Tom while the lovemaking is going on.

Eugene will also finally have to take out a few walkers on his own, and it will be interesting to see if the group forces him to do this after his confession. Now that his brain isn’t so valuable, he should be expected to pull a little more weight.

Here’s a few more quick spoilers: someone will get injured during a walker battle, someone will end up with human blood on their hands, and the group will come up with an effective new way to take out walkers. Also, Maggie won’t utter a word about poor Beth. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the blonde’s days are likely numbered.

Are you looking forward to seeing the aftermath of Eugene’s confession tonight on The Walking Dead?

[Image credit: AMC]