These Cute Photos Of Cats Hugging Humans Prove They Too Give Back The Love They Receive

Cats have many attributes that make them a good companion. However, it is commonly assumed that cats consider themselves a little too elite to wholeheartedly love back their human owners. They say a dog loves his human family, but a cat loves the home and treats its human masters as mere providers of shelter and sustenance. However, there are quite a few examples that prove cats too are capable of displaying genuine emotion. These photos serve to be a strong reminder that cats too can display their love for their human companions.

A Hug From A Cat Is Sure To Leave You Feeling All Cozy

Cats often suffer from stress because many owners treat them like dogs, reports the Telegraph. These ill-advised owners expect cats to be thoroughly domesticated, to enjoy being petted and to be relaxed about sharing their living space, says Dr. John Bradshaw. But what they do not understand is that dolling out affection may not necessarily make it feel more content.

A Cat's Purr Is Therapeutic

It’s all about recognizing the needs of the cats and realizing they are not just wildly different from us humans, but they do not share much with dogs – the other most common house-pet.

Cats Do Not Crave AS Much Attention As Dogs

If the owners started to treat cats different from dogs, the cats will flourish physically and mentally as well. These positive changes will then manifest themselves into affection reciprocated or reflected by the cat, say animal behaviorists.

Cats Love Their Humans, But Do Not Show It AS Often As Dogs

Cats have never been able to completely adapt to the domestication process, unlike dogs, who seem to have wholeheartedly accepted the process of being adopted as a pet.

If Taken Time To Understand Their Needs, Cats Can Be Excellent Companions

Though it is common consensus that cats are much less demanding than dogs, it is not true.

Cats Have Never Been Completely Domesticated Like Dogs

But, unlike the common misconception that cats often become hostile, these feline creatures can be quite companionable and interesting.

Give Them Privacy And Cats Will Love You For It

Though cats love to be groomed and petted, they do not adore perpetual companionship. Dogs on the other hand do not mind being surrounded by their owners.

A Cat Is As Good As A Friends As A Dog

Another interesting aspect about cats is they do not gel well with other cats. You might be instant friends with your just-moved-in neighbors, but cats may be enemies for as long as they live.

Wait For The Cat To Accept You. Do not Force The Relation

As a human though, you can certainly win their affection with patience and love.

A Cats Breathing And Purring Will Help Babies Sleep Better

Most important for a cat, apart from food, is their independence. Respect their space and privacy and they will reward you with the sweet and gratifying purr.

Cats Are Capable Of Reciprocating Love, But Do Not Push Them To

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