Google Android Developers Flock To Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon has just begun to ship their Google Android powered Kindle Fire Tablet and it’s already the second most sought after device for Google Android developers.

According to a study conducted by Appcelerator 49 percent of Android developers in the United States said they would target the reader while 43% of developers had already begun work for the tablet making it the second most sought after Android tablet for developers.

The announcement deals a blow to Samsung who’s Galaxy Tablets control 56% of the worldwide Android tablet market interest worldwide but fall behind the Amazon Kindle Fire in the United States with 48% developer interest.

Placing the devices numbers into comparison just 35 to 37 percent of developers have shown interest in the Motorola Zoom while only 25 to 25 percent of developers have shown interest for the Barnes & Noble Nook Color and the Nook Tablet, the same numbers revealed for HTC Flyer interest.

While the Amazon Kindle Fire has been highly touted and offers one of the cheaper Android prices at just $199 the device is rather limited based off specifications which could keep developer interest from reaching higher levels while Google Android fragmentation at this time has left many developers splitting their time before various Android segments.

In the meantime the Apple iOS platform utilized by iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices has a 91 percent developer interest with 88 percent of developers focusing on iPad aspirations. In comparison 83 percent of developers are utilizing Google Android based phones while 68 percent have shown interest in Google Android tablets.

In the meantime Microsoft has a long way to climb with 28 percent developer interest, namely for the Lumia phones. Apparently the Nokia deal has caused a 48 percent increase in developer interest.

If you’re Research In Motion (RIM) you have even more headaches with just 13 percent of developers focusing any of their efforts on that platform.