Yale QB Turns Down Rhodes Scholarship To Play In Harvard Football Rivalry

Yale football quarterback Patrick Witt realized he had a scheduling conflict when his Rhodes Scholarship interview fell on the same day as his universities rival game against Harvard so he did what any good leader would do, he stuck with his team members and turned down the scholarship.

Known as “The Game” the Harvard/Yale duel has not been won by the Yale Bulldogs since 2006 and Witt felt he needed to play if his underdog team had any chance of winning.

The game will take place on Saturday and while he’ll miss his chance at the scholarship this year the history student will still be able to re-apply next year with his 3.91 GPA.

Speaking about his decision Witt told the Yale Daily News:

“My focus this week is solely on preparing for The Game alongside my teammates and coaches,”

In the meantime one of Witt’s fellow players don’t seem surprised by his devotion to his team with one player noting:

“I think he felt like that he had a responsibility as one of the best players on our team to be at The Game.”

“The Game” will be the 128th contest between the rival schools.

Do you think Patrick Witt made the right decision? I’m honestly surprised that the Rhodes Scholarship committee wouldn’t re-schedule his meeting given the school based circumstances.