Busiest Thanksgiving Day Airports Revealed, The Usual Suspects Reported

If you plan to travel or know someone traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday you might want to tell them to avoid five of the nation’s busiest airports.

Based on booked ticket numbers and expected last minute fliers the Los Angeles Times has announced that Los Angeles’ LAX airport will be the most used travel hub in the United States, beating out another regular favorite in Chicago’s O’Hare airport.

Based on travel expectations from November 23 through November 27th the top five list is topped out by O’Hare, Orlando International, San Francisco International and Boston’s Logan International airport.

Numbers were compiled by ticket booking agnet Orbitz who added up ticket sales from the country’s 50 busiest airports.

The ranking service also found that LAX travelers have an alternative if they don’t mind traveling 40 miles southeast to John Wayne Airport in Orange County, a facility that is expected to be one of the least busy major airports in the country.

The Times are also offering this bit of advice for American Airlines customers at LAX who are looking to avoid lines:

Take advantage of a new check-in service that lets VIP passengers on American Airlines zip into the terminal through a special entrance leading to a “premium” security line.

Will you be traveling out of a busy airport over the Thanksgiving traveling week? If you are planning to fly what tips do you use to avoid long waits during the busy holiday travel season. I personally prefer the crowded roadways during the holiday’s, at least then I can pull off to the side of the road if I become frustrated.

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