Apps aren’t the big money maker everyone would have you think they are

Angry Birds aside the mobile app market is often touted as being the next big money maker for developers and since all we hear is how people are getting all these apps on their mobile phones and tablets it is pretty easy to fall for the hype.

Then reality sets in and we find out things aren’t necessarily as rosy as they would have you believe and this is evidenced by a new study from the Pew Internet and American Life group which found out that less than half of the people who download these apps end up paying for them.

Pew surveyed some 2,260 adults over the age of 18 between July and August, of which 916 were conducted over cell phones and found that only 16 percent of those who downloaded apps ended up paying for them.

One interesting fact the Pew survey did find was that tablet users were more likely to pay for downloaded apps in contrast to cell phone users.

As for what they paid the breakdown came out at 52 percent paid $5 or less for an app and 17 percent were willing to pay more than $20 for an app.

via CNET Crave