Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill: Osama Bin Laden ‘Died Like A P***y’

Retired Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill, the self-identified shooter of Osama bin Laden, has some odd words of comfort for families who lost people on 9/11, the terrorist attacks that bin Laden reportedly orchestrated.

Apparently, as vicious of a terrorist as bin Laden was, he died in a less than noble manner, as O’Neill says he put three bullets in bin Laden’s head upon storming the compound in Pakistan where the elusive extremist was hiding at the time of his death.

“You can quote me on this bulls***,” O’Neill said in an audio clip that aired on CNN Friday night. The tape, recorded by freelance journalist Alex Quade, reveals that ex Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill used details of bin Laden’s death to provide comfort to 9/11 families.

“I tell them, ‘Alright, Osama bin Laden died like a p***y. That’s all I’m telling you. Just so you know. He died afraid. And he knew that we were there to kill him. And that’s closure.’ Regardless of the negativity that comes with it. I don’t give a f***. We got him.”

In the video above, Quade reveals a bit more about the details regarding the revelation and said she looks at O’Neill and other Navy SEAL operators as “heroes.”

Quade’s interactions with O’Neill shed light more on the mission to kill bin Laden and how all of the operators that raided the compound felt they were going to die, that they were entering a mission from which there was no return.

They weren’t sure if they would die at the compound or end up in a Pakistani prison and die there.

“And we all accepted it, and nobody was afraid. It was really cool,” O’Neill said.

Why did they accept it, though?

“The way we put it was, the single mom who went to work on a Tuesday morning and later, a few minutes later decided to jump instead of burning to death, and her last gesture of human dignity was straightening out her skirt. And then she jumped. You know, that’s why we went, for her.”

O’Neill also didn’t seem to care if people thought he was “The Shooter” or not. To him, the team got him and completed the mission.

If you would like to see more of retired Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill, stay tuned to Fox News this week for a full interview.

What do you think, readers? Is O’Neill being too insensitive with his bin Laden comments, or did he not go far enough?