Hulk Hogan Vs. ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin At WM31: What The Hulkster Just Said Could Be A Deal Maker

Hulk Hogan and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, the two greatest WWE superstars to ever step foot in a wrestling ring, may be closer to reality after what the Hulkster just said regarding a match at WrestleMania 31.

It’s no secret that Hogan has been training and lobbying for a match at the biggest stage of them all. Most often, when asked about whom he would like to face, he says, “John Cena.”

It’s gotten to the point where it isn’t even news anymore. But what is news, is an addendum he made to that common answer in a recent interview with The Turnbuckle Weekly.

“At the end of the day, it’s me getting Vince’s ear, and me getting in Triple H’s ear, and talking to them into letting me rock the house one more time,” Hogan said. “[John] Cena would be the guy I’d love to get in the ring with, you know, if I could irritate Stone Cold so much he’d come out of retirement, I’d love to have him open a can of whoop a** on me and see what happens.”

Adding “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to the wish list is big enough news, but it’s the phrasing that makes it even bigger.

Much of what has prevented an Austin-Hogan matchup is how protective both men are of their legacies. Earlier this year, Austin even said as much on the Steve Austin Show podcast.

It’s a game of chicken in which the two speeding automobiles are the superstars’ massive egos. No one wants to do the job, in other words, but from what Hogan says here, he may be having a change of heart.

If Hulk Hogan is so desperate to get on the WrestleMania 31 card that he doesn’t mind laying down for a three-count, then that could be a huge incentive for “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to come out of retirement.

On several recent episodes of his podcast, Austin has repeatedly said that he isn’t interested in a comeback, but that’s under ordinary circumstances. Giving fans a chance to see his “Stone Cold” character one last time alongside Hulk Hogan would be a special circumstance if there ever was one, and if Hogan is fine with Austin “opening up a can” on him, then the obstacle of protecting legacies may no longer be in the way.

Would you like to see Hulk Hogan vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin at WM31? If so, should Austin get the win?