Anna Kournikova Walks Away From ‘Biggest Loser’

Insiders for NBC’s hit show “The Biggest Loser” have recently said that the shows newest fitness trainer Anna Kournikova has been a “nightmare” to work with so it didn’t surprise insiders on Monday when she announced her departure from the show after just two months on the job.

Announced as the replacement for Jillian Michaels it’s being reported that the staff at NBC didn’t find her easy to work with while contestants found her abrasive attitude to be “non-sympathetic.

Speaking to US Online Kournikova said:

“I enjoyed my time on the Biggest Loser ranch. Although I will not be returning as a full time trainer on season 13, I will always be a part of ‘The Biggest Loser’ family and my commitment to bettering lives through health and fitness will continue.”

In their own statement an NBC rep said of Anna’s time on the show:

“It wasn’t the right fit for her.”

The split at least on Anna and NBC’s side seems to be amicable and will likely lead to a very public search for a new trainer.

Will you miss seeing the 30 year old tennis star on The Biggest Loser or will you be happy to see her go and be replaced by a certified personal training more along the lines of Jillian Michaels?