You’ll Never Believe How Many Hidden Compartments This Early 19th Century Desk Has [Video]

20th century desk

Hidden compartments are something of film noir — dark spaces where laundered money or murder weapons hang out waiting for the cunning lead to find them unexpectedly. But even Humphrey Bogart himself would have trouble solving any cases that revolved around this early 20th century desk. It’s got more hidden away spaces than you can imagine. Pretty impressive for a piece of furniture.

It’s even more stunning to keep in mind that this desk was constructed without the use of modern technology. Hand tools made up the entirety of the construction materials. The next has been in the hands of at least a few famous figures during its more than 200-year lifespan, including the hands of King Frederick William II. Though you might not be able to see the full opening of the piece daily, the desk is currently on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art as one of the most impressive remnants of this period of European furniture making.