Airtran Airways Sued Over Cockroach Infested Plane

A couple has decided to sue Airtran Airways claiming that their September flight from Charlotte to Houston was infested with cockroaches.

Harry Marsh and fiance Kaitlin Rush are asking for $100,000 for what they call infliction of emotional distress, fraud, nuisance and false imprisonment.

The couple also says that several other passengers were commenting about the cockroaches before take-off. When the couple complained they say a flight attendant put a finger to her lips, telling the passengers to be quite.

Once they landed the couple threw away some of their belongings they believed were infected with the bugs.

According to the couple they saw the insects scurry inside air vents and throughout carry-on compartments, they even managed to snap a few photos of the creatures which have been included in their lawsuit.

The saddest part about this lawsuit? If they were in the vents they likely ended up in the cargo hold where customers were actually paying extra to have their luggage stored.

Airtran Airways is refusing to comment about the lawsuit at this time but have said that their plans are regularly treated for bugs.

Do you think this lawsuit is another attempt to extort money from a corporation or a valid reason to file suit?