Kendra Wilkinson Reportedly Looking For A New Beau: Is She FINALLY Over Hank Baskett?

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett have been on an emotional rollercoaster all summer. The couple’s marriage began spiraling out of control when the ex-NFL player was accused of having an affair with transgender model, Ava Sabrina London. Several media outlets reported Kendra was devastated over her husband’s alleged deceit. Now, Radar Online is reporting the Kendra On Top star is ready to move on!

An insider close to Kendra reportedly confirmed she’s ready to move forward with her life during a brief interview with Life & Style.

“The marriage is a shambles — they fight non-stop,” the insider told Life & Style.

Although the rumors have yet to be confirmed or denied, her desire for a new beau is still quite shocking! Since September, the former Girls Next Door star has defended Hank despite his alleged deceit. On Friday, Nov. 7, Kendra stopped by Access Hollywood where she opened up about her troubled marriage. Surprisingly, she proclaimed they’re in it for the long hall! As a matter of fact, she insists they’re marriage is “forever.”

She also revealed she knows “exactly” what happened between Hank and Ava.

“We’re gonna be together forever,” Kendra proclaimed. “It’s a real tape, but, it is manipulated, it’s cut up! And there is someone behind it,” she said in reference to the alleged audio tapes. “If you had one chance, one chance to save your family, to save yourself, to save the most amazing parents, the most amazing children, the most amazing wife, the most amazing life – You are not gonna go and scream and yell and threaten and this and that. You are gonna play a game. You are gonna play ball and… he was smart by doing that. Unfortunately, he got trapped up. It’s sad, it’s sad. They got an innocent, vulnerable guy. It’s so sad.”

“He loves me and we’re gonna be together, for the rest of our lives. We’ll prove it, we’ll prove it… until we’re 100 years old. We’re gonna be together forever.”

Although the 29-year-old reality star insists her marriage is rock solid, the insider told Life & Style it’s all for the cameras. However, Kendra is still ready to test the waters with a new beau.

“It’s all for their show — and the paycheck. She needs the show to get renewed in order to maintain her lifestyle. Kendra was enlisting friends to help find guys to hook up with,” the insider said. “The bed wasn’t even cold and she was ready to start fresh!”

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