David Ortiz Robbed: Boston Red Sox Slugger Purchases $127K Worth Of Fake Jewelry

David Ortiz has always had a love for flashy jewelry. And this devotion to “bling” has ended up costing him close to $130,000 in fake jewelry. But now the Boston Red Sox slugger is looking to get his money back by suing the California-based jeweler who sold it to him.

Ortiz, who is affectionately called “Big Papi,” has started legal proceedings against the company that he bought the products from as he insists that they are “fake or low-quality diamond and gold jewelry.”

The baseball legend declared that he purchased the items believing that every piece he bought was real. According to The Boston Globe (via Yahoo!) David Ortiz has accused Randy Hamida of Anaheim, California, owner of Randy’s Men’s Wear, Ltd. Inc., of fraud and breach of contract.

The publication stated that Ortiz was swindled when buying a Breitling watch that featured diamonds, a diamond-crested bracelet, black diamond earrings, and a necklace. Ortiz filed his civil suit in Middlesex, Massachusetts on Thursday.

David Ortiz thought that there was something amiss with the items soon after he purchased them. He then took the jewelry to be appraised by a second party. They informed him that the pieces were actually “imitation or low-quality metal and gemstones.” The slugger’s lawyer, Jonathan M. Davidoff, has disclosed further bits of information regarding the case.

David doesn’t buy jewelry, or buy anything, from just anybody. And he trusted Mr. Hamida. This was a last resort for David. David didn’t want to sue. But also, David doesn’t want to be taken advantage of. And professional athletes are targets, unfortunately.”

According to the lawsuit, Hamida specifically targets professional athletes with his sub-par material, and is a luxury dealer who “travels nationwide to Major League Baseball cities to stalk players at their hotels in an attempt to peddle his jewelry.”

When asked about the lawsuit by Daily Mail, David Ortiz was rather nonchalant about the issue declaring, “It’s going to get taken care of; I’m not worried.” Of course it’s quite easy for him to be calm about the whole situation as he has earned close to $127 million playing the game of baseball.

As reported by the Inquisitr, in order to conclude the purchase of the allegedly fake jewelry, David Ortiz had to give up $80,000 in cash, and then he traded $47,000 worth of his own jewelry to complete the deal.

As a member of the Boston Red Sox, David Ortiz has won three World Series titles. In 2013, he inspired his team to the title with a stunning display that landed him the World Series MVP award.

[Image via Boston Herald]