‘The Little Couple’ Stars Will, Zoey All Smiles In Latest Updates From Dr. Jen Arnold

New episodes of The Little Couple are coming soon, and in the meantime, fans are embracing photos and updates via social media from Dr. Jen Arnold and Bill Klein. There’s a lot of fun stuff ahead in the new season beginning in December, and the updates and sneak peeks from Jen and Bill definitely have fans smiling. What’s the latest coming from Arnold when it comes to the couple’s adorable kiddos Will and Zoey?

Though Will and Zoey’s dad Bill Klein recently had surgery for his back, it seems the kids are smiling a lot these days. They seemingly had a great time for Halloween, and now Jen Arnold is sharing some additional photos. It seems that Will kept busy “helping” his mom work the other night, while Arnold shared a flashback photo to Zoey meeting the Obama family dog, Bo. Jen posted the flashback photo as she noted that November is National Adoption Month.

The past few months have been very busy ones for The Little Couple family. In addition to Bill Klein’s surgery, Zoey and Will got to embrace Halloween, Zoey turned 3-years-old, and they celebrated her first anniversary of joining the family. The family traveled to Washington D.C. as well as New York City, and it was all being captured on cameras for the new season on TLC.

The family has had some big events happening that will pop up on the new season of the show, but viewers will see many everyday events as well. The preview for the new season shows plenty of family bonding activities including hopscotch, fishing, beach time, and more. Will and Zoey will also start preschool, while Jen throws herself back into her full-time work at the hospital.

Fans love this family through their ups and downs, and it looks like the new episodes ahead will give viewers plenty of fun times. Though viewers were left hanging regarding a premiere date for some time, TLC has finally confirmed when the show comes back and fans are relieved that they won’t have to wait too long.

While fans have been very worried about Bill and his surgery, the Halloween clip the family shared via TLC showed him looking pretty good. Of course, fans are thrilled to see that Jen Arnold looks good as well, given her difficult battle against cancer last year. Viewers will see all of the highs and the lows when The Little Couple returns to TLC with new episodes on Tuesday, December 2.

[Image via Dr. Jen Arnold’s Facebook]