Josh Murray, Andi Dorfman Of ‘The Bachelorette’ Embrace Pedicures, Family Time

Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray of The Bachelorette may be out and about doing a lot of events and appearances these days, but they share a lot about their everyday lives at home as well. Fans adore everything about Andi and Josh, and Murray’s latest Instagram post is no exception. What did the duo spend their Friday doing, it seems?

Murray posted a fun photo showing him with his fiancee Andi and his sister Steph. Not only were they together, they were experiencing quite the bonding event: pedicures. Josh posted that he was getting “a little pedi with my 2 beautiful ladies” and he added the hashtags “#RealMenDoPedis” and “#FamilyTime.” Andi has a big smile in the picture while little sister Stephanie has a look on her face echoing that of her big brother.

The Bachelorette fans got to see quite a few pictures via social media after the finale that included Stephanie, Josh’s brother Aaron and his parents, but those photos have been popping up less frequently lately. Some tabloids have used that fact to stir up buzz that Josh’s family doesn’t like Andi, even though there never seem to be concrete sources behind the buzz.

While fans naturally don’t know the exact state of affairs when it comes to Andi and Josh’s family, this photo would seem to indicate that really, all is well. This The Bachelorette duo is definitely a favorite with fans, as Murray’s photo got more than 47,500 “likes” in about a day. Another recent photo by Andi showed the couple, along with pup Sabel, all snuggled up together watching Scandal. Fans can see that these two reality TV stars are fairly joined at the hip these days.

Andi and Josh have shared some bits and pieces regarding their wedding planning, but they haven’t revealed an exact date as of yet. The last they mentioned it when in New York attending bridal shows, they indicated that they were still aiming for a spring or summer wedding. Despite some outlets claiming that the relationship is fabricated for attention and money, The Bachelorette fans think that Andi and Josh look like they’re doing pretty well.

It seems pretty clear that Josh and Andi have pretty good sense of humor and they aren’t afraid to have some laughs at their own expense. Will The Bachelorette couple eventually make it down the aisle? Fans of Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray hope so, and they can’t wait to hear that the couple has made more formal plans for their nuptials.

[Image via Josh Murray’s Instagram]