Drake Bell Trolls Justin Bieber Over Selena Gomez Split: ‘Without Her, He Is Nothing’

Drake Bell is scratching his itch again, and that can only mean one thing: Justin Bieber.

The 28-year-old celebrity troll and ex-child star took time out of a presumably unproductive Saturday, to offer his opinion on Bieber and Selena Gomez’s latest split, which is currently making headlines after the release of the Latina’s emotional new single and video for “The Heart Wants What It Wants.”

In a since-deleted Instagram, which showed a photo of Selena, Bell snarked,

“This is the only reason anyone cares about @justinbieber anymore! Without her he is nothing.”

Drake Bell

(Screenshot via Drake Bell Instagram.)

Seemingly unaware that his longstanding obsession with Bieber negates that assessment, Bell went on to post further digs at the 20-year-old heartthrob on his own Instagram page.

All of which, sparked online anger between Beliebers, Selenators and Drakesters. And is, of course, exactly what the nearly 30-year-old instigator intended.

Justin Bieber

(Screenshot: via Intstagram.)

In his second missive (since deleted), Bell uploaded a split collage revealing three photos of Michael Jackson grabbing his crotch on stage. On each, Drake superimposed the word “EPIC” in white lettering.

In the bottom section, the former “Drake & Josh” star posted three photos of Bieber doing the same. On each, Drake circled the Canadian’s crotch area in red and photoshopped the word “FAIL.”

His caption read, “@justinbieber stop touching yourself it will grow on its own!”

In his last anti-Bieber Instagram, Bell posted a picture of Freddie Mercury, and referenced the 1976 single “Somebody To Love,” a song Mercury wrote as the frontman for Brit rock band Queen.

“GENERATION FAIL” is written underneath the picture. It relates to Bell’s screenshot after a YouTube search of the song title, which brought up several entries for Bieber’s 2010 hit, “Somebody To love.”

It’s not surprising that Bell has chosen this point in time to gloat over Bieber and Gomez’s recent split, contexted by Selena’s charting single, and media discussions about unhealthy relationships.

In addition to hurling Twitter insults at Bieber from 2012 on — to which the then 18-year-old Justin only responded once, writing: “Drake and Josh was my favorite show as a kid, really ” — Bell’s enthusiasm for attacking the younger star has since escalated.

Back in September, Drake left a comment on a Bieber fan’s Instagram page, writing, “Oh and I hope you die soon.”

After a backlash, Bell defended himself by claiming the teenage female fan had told him the same thing. He saw no issue with their age disparity.

Previous to that incident, Bell slammed Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Lady Gaga in an April BuzzFeed profile, later claiming the website misquoted his comments about Grande.

After Bieber’s January 23 arrest on suspicion of DUI (and Bell’s retweet of Seth Rogen’s infamous “fecal” post), Drake urged his fans to sign the “Deport Justin Bieber” petition.

Drake’s on-record retweets of his own fans’ jibes at Bieber and Beliebers undermined his later declaration to BuzzFeed, saying,

“If I catch one of my fans saying something improper, a gay slur or any derogatory term, I instantly tweet directly at them and say, ‘This isn’t how we do it.'”

It goes on and on. Drake Bell hates Justin Bieber. It’s not really news. More an example of the older man’s pathology, as even some Gomez fans noted on a forum.

It takes a particular kind of person to continually find enjoyment in the problems of others.

But, at least we now know how Bell spends his Saturdays.


[Images via Instagram.]