Selena Gomez 'Do It' & (Most Of) 'For You' Album Leaks: Inspired By Justin Bieber?

Selena Gomez's "Do It" track leaked online on Wednesday. And like most of the songs on the starlet's Greatest Hits album For You which also leaked, it seems to be inspired by her relationship with on-off beau Justin Bieber.

In short, For You is a shiny, fun, pop outing with one heavyweight exception. The album will officially drop on November 24.

It's also much more of a joy to listen to than one might think of a Best-Of compilation. This is down to banging mixes of old Selena & The Scene favorites (linked below), inclusion of hits such as "Come & Get It" and "Slow Down" from Gomez's first solo album Stars Dance, and two stomping new songs.

"Do It" is the second original song on the pop princess' LP, and it's a total 180 in terms of mood and lyrical depth from her lead single "The Heart Wants What It Wants."

Selena shocked fans and critics with the visceral song lyrics and emotional music video for "Heart" earlier this month.

The opening scene to the video showed the 22-year-old crying, while describing being "in pain" over "something so stupid" that her partner had done. During a candid interview with Ryan Seacrest, the Disney alum confirmed the song is about her romance with Justin, and the flawed but irresistible nature of their relationship.

Although "Heart" is the standout gem on For You, the power of that one song means it's a relief to explore the lighter tracks on the rest of the album.

In contrast, "Do It" is an upbeat, non-offensive number which loops along a light dub beat. It showcases Selena nailing the delivery of bubblegum, teen-friendly lyrics about wanting to make love to a special someone -- a lot.

These include: "Damn I wish I didn't feel so hypnotized /But when I look at you, baby, it's justified / So I take what I want and give what I got / To hell with all the rules that keep it civilized / I'll show you what I like, boy, boy, boy / If you show me what you like, boy, boy, boy."

Then the hook:

"If I had a choice / If I had my way / Boy you know we'd do it every single day / If I had a wish /And If I had my way Boy you know we'd do it every single day."

The rest of "For You" features There's a spanking version of 2011's "My Dilemma" as "My Dilemma 2.0" and a great mix of "Forget Forever" by Boy Lightning. The Spanish uptempo "Más" feels a little cold, but Dave Audé's remixes of "Naturally" and "A Year Without Rain" and so many other tracks on the album are pure radio gold.

Titles to the 15-song track list and their lyrical content definitely suggest Justin is all over Selena's record, which isn't really surprising. The former couple's famously hot and cold romance began in 2010 and has seen countless reunions in the four years since. Their last rekindling ended in September for reasons that aren't publicly known.

But, at this point, Gomez appears to be looking forward. She recently posted an Instagram pic of herself with singer/writer Sia, who previously confirmed she has written songs for the actress-singer.

And right now, the leaked For You is a perfect jump-off point to Selena's 2015.

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(Photo: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in happier times)