Statistics Reveal Best Director Of Last Decade, You'll Never Guess Who It Is

Ben Affleck has been unveiled as statistically the best director of the last decade.

Obviously, it is impossible to definitively declare that one filmmaker is better than another. That's what makes film debate and criticism so fervent.

However, The Roosevelts, the website not the famous political family, have now amassed a definitive table of results that they insist prove that the Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice actor has been the best director over the previous 10 years.

Ben Affleck beat the likes of David Fincher, Martin Scorsese, Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino, the Coen Brothers, Wes Anderson, Ang Lee, Clint Eastwood, and Ron Howard to the illustrious honor. You can check out their rather delightful table of results, which proves Affleck's brilliance, below.


But how did The Roosevelts actually configure this content? It was quite simple actually. The website collected the scores from Rotten Tomatoes, the reputed review aggregator, before it then teamed up with visual agency Column Five and Visage to create a comprehensive graph for the data.

The site took the scores of every film that the eleven superb directors had overseen and then worked out the average for each of them. In end it was quite a convincing victory for Ben Affleck too. The actor/director has overseen three films over the last 10 years. Gone Baby Gone and The Town both scored a 94 percent rating, while Argo recorded 96 percent. This left him with an average of 94.67 percent.

His close competitor came in the shape of David Fincher. Just from looking at the figures, it's clear to see that the meticulous filmmaker was let down by the sheer amount of movies that he overlooked in this time. While Zodiac's 89 percent, The Social Network's 96 percent, Gone Girl's 88 percent, and The Girl With Dragon Tattoo's 86 percent were all quite formidable, it was The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button's 72 percent that really dragged down his total. Ultimately, he end up finishing over 8 percent below Affleck.

The rest of the 11 saw Martin Scorsese score 86.14 percent to finish third, Christopher Nolan followed with 84 percent, The Coen Brothers were fifth with 84.16 percent, Quentin Tarantino recorded 81.50 percent, Wes Anderson scored 80.40 percent, Steven Spielberg took 76.14 percent, Ang Lee had 73.25 percent, Clint Eastwood amassed 68.78 percent, and Ron Howard rounded off the eleven with a measly 57.57 percent.

Of course, the great thing about this list is that it doesn't really prove anything. It can only increase the debate over who is actually the best director of the last 10 years. However, if I was Ben Affleck, I'd definitely think about getting it framed and hung in his house. Just as a rebuttal to all of the Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice casting criticism he received.

[Image via Bluff]