Oreos — The World’s Most Popular Cookie — Becomes A Churro And Will Come To A Store Near You!

For most people, especially here in the United States, the most popular cookie to indulge in are Oreos. Believe it or not, the Inquisitr actually reported some very interesting news pertaining to “everyone’s favorite cookie.” Apparently, for “Bachelor” Chris Soules, Double Stuf Oreos are his true love. You think that’s over-the-top for a cookie, a husband was considering divorcing his wife because she ate all the creme off Oreos, while another case includes a Walmart employee committing theft not for money, but Oreos!

Seriously, Oreos can just be as addictive as heroin or cocaine, depending on the person. Every foodstuff that has the Oreo label seems to become popular, such as Oreo ice cream, Oreo cereal, Oreo milkshakes, and many others. Now there are reports pertaining to Oreos that reveal that churros will be added to the list! That’s right! We are all going to get Oreo Churros!

According to CSP Daily News and Time, J&J Snack Food Corp. has announced a partnership with Mondelez International to introduce Oreo Churros. This new snack will be sold across the nation through the food service channel. The Oreo Churros are described as having a crispy exterior, warm soft interior, and having real Oreo cookie pieces in every bite. The sensation described is that of biting into a “just-baked” Oreo cookie. As of now, the Oreo Churros will come in traditional churro sticks, double-twisted churros, and bite-size churros. They can also be served with cookie creme dip.

Oreo Churros
The Oreo Churros come in traditional, twisted, and bite-size minis. They also come with creme to dip them in.

Jerry Law, senior vice president of J&J Snack Foods, made the announcement recently on the upcoming Oreo product in partnership with Mondelez International.

“As the leading churro manufacturer, we are excited about our new relationship with the world-famous Oreo cookie brand. Oreo cookie and churro fans alike will not be disappointed in the latest snacking mash-up.”

As for Mondelez International, this is a very popular means for them to increase on their $2 billion business just on Oreos alone. When you add in their other products, including Nabisco, Cadbury, Trident, Jacobs Coffee, Tang powdered beverages, and Milka chocolate, the company makes about $35 billion worldwide. J&J Snack Food Corp. are not as big as Mondelez, but most people know of their foods, mostly seen at sporting events, circuses, and carnivals. They are known for soft pretzels, ICEE and Slush Puppie frozen beverages, Minute Maid frozen juice bars and ices, and funnel cakes.

In conclusion, the two companies are making something by combining two beloved snack foods into one. The Oreo Churros might even surpass anything Dominque Ansel makes, and that is a big deal because he created the cronut. Are you looking forward to trying out Oreo Churros?

[Image via J&J Snack Foods Corp.]