‘God’s Not Dead’ Creators Release Trailer For New Movie ‘Do You Believe?”

Do You Believe? That’s the question at the center of the new movie being released next year by the creators of God’s Not Dead. Judging from the trailer, seen below, you can expect to feel the same about Do You Believe? as about the previous movie.

The sentiment and storyline, as described on the movie’s website and shown in the trailer, appear to have much in common with God’s Not Dead. The new movie replaces an angry atheist professor with an arrogant doctor who doesn’t believe in miracles. Instead of a devout student who endeavors to change the professor’s stubborn mind, the doctor appears to be confronted with cases where recovery is more than could ever be expected.

At one point in the trailer, he argues with a nurse, saying, “There’s no such thing as miracles!”

Other characters include a pastor whose faith is set on fire by the words of a street preacher, a mother struggling to trust God, and her adorable little girl who sweetly declares, “See Mommy, God really does love us!”

Those who found God’s Not Dead offensive for its portrayal of nonbelievers as immoral or haters of God will likely be equally offended by a doctor who shouts that he (rather than God) deserves the credit for saving lives, and the overall suggestion that those without religion find themselves lacking and missing something in life. Those who found the overall message of the previous movie uplifting and encouraging will surely see find reinforcement of their faith in Do You Believe? as well.

Watch the Do You Believe? trailer and judge for yourself.

Despite the criticism God’s Not Dead received, and its one-star review on Rotten Tomatoes, Variety says it was one of the top sellers in DVDs for the week ending August 10, second only to Divergent. The movie was also a hit in its theater release, with church groups attending by the busload.

Bearing in mind that, and the similarity between the two films, it’s not unthinkable that Do You Believe? will also be a big success in theaters and DVD sales.

Pure Flix has released numerous Christian Films, and promotes what it refers to as a “movie ministry,” in which interested participants buy the rights to show the films to groups in order to “impact our culture for Christ.”

Do You Believe? will be released in theaters in the Spring of 2015. Will you be watching?