Lauren Bacall’s Apartment Where She Died Hitting The Market, Expected To Sell For $26 Million

Lauren Bacall’s apartment in the famed Dakota building where she lived and died is about to go on the market. She and her ex-husband, Jason Robards, bought the apartment in 1961; they divorced in 1969, but she remained in the apartment. Back in 1961, Bacall shelled out just $48,000 for the property. The apartment is expected to fetch $26 million when it sells. According to the Real Deal, the Manhattan property was previously valued at $9 million.

Details such as size, location, and floor are being kept secret, thanks to the Dakota building’s strict co-op board. However, unnamed sources have noted that Lauren Bacall’s apartment spans 100 feet and faces Central Park.

“Almost all of the important rooms face the park,” revealed an insider, who referred to the impressive space as “grand.”

The apartment, which was once described as “cavernous,” reportedly features seven fireplaces and “tons of original details.”

Lauren Bacall died on August 12, 2014. She was 89-years-old. Her cause of death was ruled a massive stroke. She left behind three sons and a pampered pet dog. Bacall died there in the same Manhattan apartment where she had lived since 1961.

The Dakota building is notorious for being the site of the murder of John Lennon, founding member of the Beatles. Mark David Chapman shot and killed Lennon outside the entrance to the Dakota on December 8, 1980. At the time of Lennon’s murder, Bacall had already been living in the Manhattan apartment for nearly 20 years. Her time at the Dakota overlapped famous neighbors such as Boris Karloff, Judy Holliday, and Roberta Flack, reported People. Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas could have been counted among her neighbors if the building’s co-op board hadn’t stopped them from moving in.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, when Lauren Bacall died, she left a small fortune to an unexpected beneficiary. The late actress actually left a whopping sum of money to a dog. In her will, Bacall stipulated that $10,000 was to be given to her son Sam Robards to pay for the care of a Papillon named Sophie. Papillons are known for their large ears, which resemble the outstretched wings of a butterfly. Sophie was Bacall’s beloved pooch. Bacall’s remaining money went to her children, her grandchildren, a maid and another former household staff member. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the actress had an estimated net worth of $20 million.

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[Image via Harper’s Bazaar]