WWE News: WWE Survey Asks WWE Fans If They Watch TNA Wrestling

Vince and Dixie

In what many may find as skeptical, it appears that WWE’s latest survey sent out to fans has a lot of questions that the company may be trying to check into out of necessity. While WWE is the clear leader in pro-wrestling these days, that doesn’t mean they should get complacent. Companies die of complacency. Due to this, it appears that the WWE Survey asked fans various questions so they can change some things.

One was asking about the Cruiserweight division, and if WWE should bring it back to a show on either TV or the WWE Network. The survey also asked about their favorite superstars and legends, including the likes of Sting, The Rock, and CM Punk.

However, the most interesting question yet was asking fans what they watched. Among the choices, which you can see here, WWE asked fans if they watched TNA Wrestling. Obviously, WWE has done this as a way to understand the “impact” of TNA over the last number of years.

While they do not come close to the fame and worldwide appeal of the WWE, TNA does have a relatively big fan base. However, many consider it to have a similar fan base to Ring of Honor. People know of TNA due to television, where ROH doesn’t have that luxury as much around the world. The main reason they are known is due to the massive amount of WWE and TNA stars they have created, such as CM Punk, Cesaro, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, and many more.

The fact that people know them is helpful to the company. However, it is hardcore fans that do. As others have claimed, TNA does not have casual fans. There are TNA fans who watch often and that is it, unlike WWE, which has millions of casual fans. Many who watch wrestling for the first time watch a WWE program first out of simple statistics.


Due to this, WWE has the large appeal, but TNA still has a nice appeal that is present, yet not enough for them.

While TNA does have a good fan base, they do not have enough fans to put them above WWE. However, WWE still feels potentially that TNA does have something special. Why people watch might be something WWE wants to know about, and if they have figured that out, they may change their product to help themselves. People point to TNA’s TV-14 program for instance.

People ask for a TV-14 program in WWE often, and TNA provides that. Honestly, the program is no better in TV-14 than WWE’s TV-14 product from before. In fact, many would claim WWE’s Ruthless Aggression Era was better than TNA today and in the last five years. The reason simply is because you can’t get away with as much as you could in the 90s, which is understandable for many, but not for others. WWE is profitable in PG more than TNA is in TV-14, so would WWE change its product to reflect a similar TNA model when TNA does not do as well?

That being said, many feel this is just WWE trying to understand where fans stand. Do they watch both programs? Or do they not?

One thing that is interesting is that while WWE is obviously not considering TNA a threat, that doesn’t mean they cannot ever become something of a threat one day. That could be why WWE is asking about them. By WWE keeping eyes on them now, they can prepare for something in the future if they have to. Numbers work in the favor of many. A simple cut can get infected quickly, and while TNA may be something small now they could always develop into something more. If they do is up in the air, especially without a current TV deal in place yet. What is certain is that WWE is keeping their eye on them at least in some ways.

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