Jon Gosselin Dating Myself: Jon’s Ready To Get To Know Himself, Focus On Kids

Jon Gosselin says “I’m dating myself,” in a new interview that is making headlines this weekend. According to Us Weekly, the father of eight admitted to not really knowing himself after all of these years. Gosselin, 37, recently fell on hard times after getting dumped by his latest girlfriend, and then getting evicted from his home, which is the cause behind the recent amount of publicity he’s getting.

“I’m dating myself right now. I don’t even know myself… I’ve always been with a woman,” Jon said. “The truth is I made some poor financial decisions, but I am living in a home. I’ve got to figure out who I am. Being a father, devoting my time toward my kids.”

Jon Gosselin’s “dating myself” statement is getting a lot of attention, likely because there have been rumors that he’s looking to get back together with his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin. What really seems to be happening is that Jon is realizing that his kids need him in their lives. He has made comments about wanting to right things with Kate for the sake of their eight children, and many think that’s the best idea that he has had in years.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jon recently said that he’d do a reality show like Couples Therapy to reconcile with Kate. Perhaps Jon knows that a reunion with Kate (even if it’s not romantic) would be television gold, and since he is reportedly broke, he’s willing to give the limelight another try. Regardless of Jon’s ulterior motives, it seems clear that he’s now willing to do just about anything to get his life back on track.

When Jon Gosselin said he was “dating himself,” he also opened up about why things between him and Kate didn’t work. While some people think it’s too late for Jon to pop back into Kate’s life, others feel as though it took him all of this time to realize that his kids are, and should always be, the number one thing in his life. Wanting to have a good relationship with his ex-wife is really a big part of that.

“There is no real relationship, like we don’t talk. Co-parenting is just not working at this point in time… The biggest reason, I think we both wanted different things. I wanted to settle down and kind of get off TV for a while… and she wanted to further her career,” Jon told Mario Lopez via The SpreadIt.

The question is… is Jon too late?

[Photo courtesy of YouTube screen capture]