Charmaine Wilson: Nurse Uses Fake Records To Fool Man Into Thinking He Was Father Of Child For Two Years

Charmaine Wilson, 25, a nurse in England, tricked a man into thinking that a baby was his after a drunken one-night stand. Wilson reportedly forged a birth certificate and faked a DNA test to convince Liam Griffiths, 31, that he was the father.

In 2012, Charmaine and Liam shared a taxi home and ended up having sex. Wilson became obsessed with Liam and first lied to him that she’d become pregnant, but then told him she’d had an abortion. Wilson stalked the man on social media until he blocked her, and Liam finally had to change his telephone number. Finally, last year, when Griffiths was at the hospital where Wilson worked to visit his dying grandfather, Charmaine produced her son and told Liam that he was the father.

Wilson forged the birth certificate and DNA documents when Griffiths raised doubts as to whether he was actually the father of the little boy.

Liam Griffiths bought Charmaine’s lies to the letter, and grew to love the boy he thought was actually his son. According to the Daily Mail, Griffiths was also planning to build a house in the garden on his parents’ property to support Wilson and the baby.

In truth, Charmaine Wilson knew all along that the baby was actually the son of one of Liam Griffiths’ friends. That friend had no idea what Wilson had done in convincing Griffiths that the baby was his. In addition to Griffiths, Charmaine Wilson convinced Liam’s parents that the child was their grandson. As a result, the family showered Charmaine and the child with gifts, including a car to help Wilson get to and from work.

Everything ended when a friend of Liam Griffiths who actually knew the true lineage of the child saw a picture of the child and Griffiths on Facebook.

When the truth finally came out, Griffiths was crushed. He told the Mirror just how he was feeling about Charmaine Wilson.

“The only word I can use to describe Charmaine and what she has done is mental and I cannot believe she would deceive me in this way.”

To have taken in a child that you thought was your own, to grow to love that child, and then to have the mat pulled out from under you?

“I am devastated and heartbroken to have lost a child that I thought was my son and had bonded with this child. We fell in love with him from the start and I am heartbroken to have lost him.”

Charmaine Wilson, from Bridgend, South Wales, was suspended by The Princess of Wales Hospital where she worked. Yesterday, Wilson was sentenced at Bridgend Magistrate’s Court to four months in jail on two counts of fraud. She’s also been given a restraining order which prevents her from approaching Mr. Griffiths or members of his family.

Griffiths’ mother, Catherine Thomas, said she thought that Wilson had gotten off easy.

“I cannot think of words to say about how awful it is that a human being could deceive another in this way and cause the hurt and upset it has done to our family.”

[Image via Facebook, Wales Online and The Daily Mirror]