‘The Big Bang Theory’ Gets The LEGO Treatment

Sheldon Cooper is about to get Lego’d! The popular Big Bang Theory character will join his fellow mates Leonard, Penny, Howard, Raj, and more in a brand new Lego set based on the popular CBS sitcom.

According to Entertainment Weekly, “upon receiving 10,000 votes, Lego approved the proposal, though final details have not yet been announced.” As reported by Inquisitr earlier this year, the proposal was submitted to the Lego Ideas program by Lego enthusiasts Alatariel and GlenBricker.

“Alatariel and I (GlenBricker) are not only deeply honored that LEGO has made this decision, but also excited and proud to be some small part of a show that we both love,” the creators announced via their Blogspot page. “This proposal has been an amazing ride right from the moment it was posted to Ideas, and with reaching 10,000 in less than a month, was once of the fastest projects to reach that goal.”

As GlenBricker mentioned, The Big Bang Theory set is part of the Lego Ideas program, which allows fans of the popular toy line to design their own sets and have others vote on them. The web site is actually very similar to another crowd-funding web site known as Kickstarter, though there is no actual money raised on the site to create these sets. Ideas that get over 10,000 votes are reviewed by Lego, and then have a chance of being made into an actual limited edition set.

And now with Lego officially announcing the project based on the The Big Bang Theory created by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady, fans can look forward to their favorite characters in their natural habitat.

“The set represents the living room of Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter,” the original proposal reads, “which is the core location of the series. It’s filled with geeky details accurate to the show including Sheldon’s board, Green Lantern lantern, Rubik’s cube tissue box, DNA model, mini LEGO Death Star and more!”

According to an article on the A.V. Club, however, Sheldon Cooper faced stiff competition and their inclusion into the Lego-verse was not a sure thing.

“‘The Big Bang Theory’ set… actually had some stiff competition among the other sets that also got 10,000 votes, including an Apple Store, the flying train from ‘Back To The Future 3,’ some educational bird models, and two Doctor Who sets. Only the bird models and ‘Big Bang Theory’ made the cut, though, proving once and for all that learning about birds and laughing at/with nerds are the most popular things in the world.”

Check out Lego’s announcement video below for more information about the Big Bang Theory’s upcoming Lego set.