‘Once Upon A Time’ Spoilers: Regina Will Become The Evil Queen Again [Video]

Lana Parrilla Talks Regina's Troubles On Once Upon A Time

Once Upon a Time is resurrecting the Evil Queen, and this time it won’t be in flashback form.

Lana Parrilla revealed that Regina will rock her sexy Evil Queen regalia in Storybrooke in a future Season 4 episode, and she teased that Once Upon a Time fans will really enjoy Regina’s reason for embracing her dark side once again.

Lana Parrilla recently talked to TV Guide while wearing one of the Evil Queen’s intricate, cleavage-baring outfits. In addition to revealing the return of the Evil Queen, she also opened up about Regina’s frustration with the fate of villains in her fairy tale world — the Evil Queen has discovered that it’s impossible for the bad guys (and gals) to get their happy endings.

Lana pointed out that Regina is heartbroken, and she’s not doing a great job handling the loss of Robin Hood to Maid Marian. However, it doesn’t sound like the outlaw is going to be the reason she goes full-on Evil Queen on a future episode of Once Upon a Time.

“She wants to be with him — she wants to be his girl. And yet, he’s such an honorable man. She respects that, so the best thing to do is to keep their distance.”

Regina and Henry hope that they’ll find a way to rewrite the Evil Queen’s story by seeking out the author of Henry’s mysterious storybook. However, perhaps something happens that delays Operation Mongoose, and perhaps the Snow Queen has something to do with it.

Once Upon a Time fans saw what happened to Belle after she looked into the Snow Queen’s magic mirror — it brought out her dark side and made her lash out against Rumple. Just imagine what darkness that mirror could unleash if Regina was to come across it. However, it might be more fun if Regina simply decides to rock one of her Evil Queen outfits to have a fash-off with the Snow Queen — Ingrid needs a friendly reminder that Regina has the best cleavage in town.

Parrilla dropped a hint about how Regina will end up in the Evil Queen costume in present-time Storybrooke.

“Something happens were she’s kind of out of control. This kind of just happens to her.”

This really makes it sound like the Snow Queen is involved in her transformation — Ingrid has a habit of toying with magical women. In this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time, her main target will be Emma Swan. Jennifer Morrison told Entertainment Weekly that Emma will finally manage to capture the Snow Queen, but interrogating her won’t be easy.

“She knows how to push Emma’s buttons in a way that most people wouldn’t know. She knows those trigger points.”

The Snow Queen’s plan is to push Emma until she loses control of her powers. Swan will find out what it’s like to be Elsa when she starts worrying that her powers could harm her loved ones.

“She’s always putting everyone else first, and she’s far more concerned about the safety of people she cares about than her own safety.”

Perhaps the Snow Queen will also try to push Regina, causing her to revert to being the Evil Queen.

Lana Parrilla stated that “old habits die hard” when it comes to Regina, and “she always has that evil impulse.” However, Lana also said Regina is really trying to be good so that she doesn’t look bad in the eyes of Henry and Robin Hood. There’s just one problem — she feels hopeless.

“Villains don’t get happy endings, so it’s kind of like, well, all hope is lost. What’s the point? Even when I try to do good, the outcome isn’t to my liking. She just feels like, no matter what she does, she loses.”

Are you looking forward to seeing the Evil Queen return to Once Upon a Time?

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