Guess What A Girl Wearing ‘I Love Crystal Meth’ Is Arrested For?

There are dumb criminals and then there are the truly unfortunate ones. One such female drug dealer was recently arrested by Laurel County Sheriff’s Department for possession of crystal meth. The unfortunate and rather funny aspect about the arrest was that she was wearing an ‘I <3 Crystal Meth’ t-shirt, when the police took her in.

Honesty Is Not Always The Best Policy

The Sheriff’s Department arrested two people, who confirmed they both were in possession of the banned and illegal chemical drug known locally as crystal meth, ice or just meth. 37-year-old Deborah Asher of Somerset was arrested and charged with trafficking in a controlled substance, first degree and possession of methamphetamine. Similarly, 57-year-old Richard Rice, of East Bernstadt, was also arrested and faces the same charges.

What’s hilarious was that police arrested her for allegedly selling crystal meth while she was wearing a shirt that expressed her love for the drug. The arrest took place in London, 250 km southeast of Louisville. It is a pretty open and shut case, say the police who arrested Asher and another suspect, Richard Jeffrey Rice, 57, who were in possession of 3.37 grams of crystal meth, cash, and a set of digital scales, reported Toronto Sun.

The Duo Was Arrested With All The Paraphernalia Needed For Drug Dealing

The Sheriff’s Department shared the arrest on their Facebook page, and the post has garnered almost 200 “shares.” The police department has a habit of posting such ludicrous arrests on their respective social media pages.

Deputies had long suspected that Deborah had been dealing in drugs, but didn’t have enough evidence to arrest her outright. Hence they surveyed the Dolly Miller Road in London and interrogated multiple suspected drug users about their source, and allegedly one of them spilled the beans on Deborah. Armed with a testimony, the Laurel County Sheriff’s Department’s deputies barged in on their suspected drug hideout and recovered the evidence.

The three-month undercover operation titled “Operation Remember November” has so far yielded arrest warrants for 39 people suspected of drug trafficking. So far, the police have brought in 24 of the 39 people, reported the Daily Mail.

The mug shot of 37-year-old Deborah is quite hilarious, said locals who became aware of the arrest via the Facebook page. Sulking into the camera, her sullen expression is teamed with the slogan, “I [heart] CRYSTAL METH.”

As a bonus, watch this video of similar criminals who were arrested while wearing an ironic T-shirt.

[Image Credit |Laurel County Sheriff Department, eBay]