WWE: John Cena’s Heel Turn Has Hulk Hogan Giving Tips On Being Bad But Popular

John Cena

John Cena’s heel turn is frequently denied by some, often hoped for by others in the WWE Universe. Hulk Hogan is apparently is one of those hoping the days of the “face of the WWE” will soon be over and he even has a suggestion for how Cena should pull it off.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Hulk Hogan is training to be in a WrestleMania 31 match and claims to have evidence that he’s ready. The hard part is convincing Vince McMahon and Triple H to give him permission to have a final match.

If you go back in time, John Cena’s heel tenure was actually not that bad, but he has been a face so long that many younger fans can’t even recall Cena being anything but a face. But McMahon and Triple H typically do what is best for business, and so far keeping Cena face is considered to be the best plan.

On the other hand, they’re also willing to flip a wrestler’s character even if it does not seem to make sense. Take Randy Orton’s face turn, for example. Based upon his real personality, he’s just better at being a heel but since management demanded it he’s willing to play the part, although it could be said they’d already managed to kill off the Viper character we used to know and love.

But John Cena’s heel turn is considered a negative to the business since he happens to be the top seller for WWE merchandise, which is a very big portion of their income. According to former WCW president and RAW general manager Eric Bischoff, the situation can be compared to Hulk Hogan turning heel.

“You’ve got to put everything in the proper context, there were no nWo shirts for sale before I turned Hulk Hogan heel. One disadvantage I had when I launched Nitro, compared to WWE, is that they had very sophisticated licensing and merchandise, WCW didn’t have any… It is what it is, and was what it was, based on what I inherited, when I inherited it. But it was also an advantage, because I didn’t have to risk the same type of financial impact that for example WWE might be analyzing, ‘Okay, what happens if John Cena merchandise goes away?’ I didn’t have that challenge, because I wasn’t making any anyways. I had nowhere to go but up.”

According to CBS, Hulk Hogan thinks the merchandising issue should not be a problem depending on how the heel turn is handled.

“If John Cena ever turned heel and really stole some of Hollywood Hogan’s tricks and backstabbing tactics, I think the people would cheer him out of the building. I think the fans would go crazy. I’m not talking about Thuganomics, I’m talking about being a stone cold, heartless, no good bad guy… I think Cena could pull it off.”

The foundation for Cena as a heel has been slowly built all year. Bray Wyatt was practically begging Cena to go heel near the beginning of the year. The fact that Cena himself claims he’ll never go heel sets the stage for an internal struggle that’s supposedly raging within. It would be quite a story twist if Team Cena versus Team Authority ends with their leader going heel. Another possibility is that Cena may have to find his inner heel again in order to beat Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble 2015.

Do you think John Cena should ever turn heel?