‘Batman V Superman’ Filming: Superman Rescues Lois Lane In New Set Photos

Batman v Superman filming Superman rescues Lois Lane

The Batman v Superman filming continues in Chicago and on Friday night Henry Cavill, who plays the Man of Steel, made his first appearance in the Windy City. The images many fans were awaiting are being posted on social media and show the British actor walking the streets in the classic suit and cape.

These are the first images we have seen of either one of the main stars and apparently Ben Affleck is not on set at the moment, as he was also spotted, but in L.A. Director Zack Snyder has been getting ready to film a big scene involving cranes and other props all week.

Several streets in the downtown area of Chicago are closed as the blockbuster’s cast and crew have taken over many buildings and other locations. The city is being used to portray the fictional Metropolis, which is home to the Daily Planet, where Clark Kent and Lois Lane (Amy Adams) work.

Check out the latest images of the Batman v Superman filming from Friday night. Apparently the scene being shot tonight involves Superman rescuing Lois Lane.

The fansite HenryCavill.org also posted video footage showing Henry Cavill filming Batman v Superman.

And one last amazing one of Superman flying. Is this cool or what?!

Don’t blame the photographers for the blurry pics, because apparently the Batman v Superman set is being guarded fiercely. However, it’s impossible to completely shield onlookers when filming in an open area such as Chicago and, previously, Detroit.

This is the first time that we have seen the Man of Steel himself filming in the streets of Chicago. When Man of Steel came to film in 2011, Snyder was very careful not to reveal his new Superman and we only got to see some shots of Henry Cavill as Clark Kent riding his bike.

It appears that Lois and Clark are picking up right where they left off in Man of Steel. The pair were just starting a romance and, at the end of the original, Clark Kent came to join the Daily Planet. We don’t know the events surrounding the Batman v Superman scene being filmed on Friday but it looks like Lois Lane needed some rescuing and Superman was right there. Stay tuned for more news from the set.

[Image via Warner Bros.]