Green Berets Expose The Incompetence Of the Afghan National Army

One of President Barack Obama’s promises while being in office is that the war in Afghanistan would be over and that all of our troops would be coming home. Six years later, we still have troops in Afghanistan – but he can still make good on his promise within the two remaining years he has for his term. Now to be fair, we aren’t leaving Afghanistan defenseless because we are training the Afghan National Army (ANA). Ergo, everything should be alright by the time the U.S. military completely evacuates the country, right?

Unfortunately, news reports are coming in which has the Green Berets are exposing something disheartening about the ANA: their soldiers are incompetent.

According to an article by Washington Times, Elite Army Green Berets are criticizing the performance of the Afghan National Army. Such criticisms includes soldiers hiding and quitting the fight. These flaws were actually detailed in a U.S. Central Command “friendly fire” investigative file. In it, soldiers gave statements to investigators that after going into battle on June 8 and 9 of this year in the Gaza Valley of Zabul province, northeast of Kandahar, Afghan soldiers refused to fight and opted to hid among trees and behind rocks.

Another issue that was brought up was the ANA’s inability to fight at night. Green Berets had to take the lead in clearing villages controlled by Taliban militants while the ANA followed. However, the steady withdrawal of U.S. forces is at a stage where the ANA is supposed to be “on point” in skirmishes and missions, which means they have to be the first to engage the enemy.

Conservative Tribune also reported on this, in which their article provides statements from military personnel which includes the Green Berets. One officer actually gave a statement which seems show a lack of confidence in the ANA.

“When we leave, the ANA will scatter like leaves in a stiff breeze.”

Retired Army Maj. Gen. Robert Scales that one of the issues is the official “spin” made by the government. This means the government will reword reports to make them sound less harsh to whomever it is directed to. The Green Berets don’t “spin” and just cut straight with their integrity. This means if they say the ANA isn’t doing well, the ANA isn’t doing well. Robert proved that in the following statement.


“No one I know in private moments will say that we’re doing well in Afghanistan. I think what you’re hearing from [special operations forces] is that it is world-famous for never following the narrative. They are going to come back and tell the truth.”

“And the truth is the Afghans don’t believe American aid and assistance are going to last that long. And so the Afghans are willing to play this war out at their pace. There is no illusions about the competence of the ANA. Zero.”

It should be recognized that the Green Berets are the special force unit for the U.S. Army. They are highly trained and considered the best of the best at what they do. The Inquisitr previously reported on the Green Berets, including one who gave his life saving his daughters from a home fire and another who wrote a viral letter explaining the importance of protecting the 2nd Amendment as well as semi-automatic weapons. Like I mentioned earlier, they are the best of the best at what they do.

In conclusion, the Green Berets are not satisfied with how the ANA are progressing. One complicating matter may be that more than 80,000 of the soldiers are really Taliban or Al-Qaeda operatives who have infiltrated the ANA. This brings up fears that two years from now, Afghanistan will be controlled by terrorists again. But this time, the terrorists will have the training and weapons provided by U.S. troops and American taxpayer dollars.

What do you think about the Green Berets’ views of the ANA being incompetent? Do you truly think the ANA is being incompetent or as reported by the Conservative Tribune, are they biding their time and waiting for the U.S. military to leave before they seize Afghanistan?