Cesaro Should Leave WWE, And This Is Where He Should Go

Cesaro stock is the only thing falling faster than the WWE’s right now, and with yet another loss on live TV — this time to Ryback — one can’t help wondering whether WWE Creative has plans to use him or bury him. And if they don’t have plans to bury him, what should Cesaro do about that? After all, it’s his career.

One idea floated this week on the r/squaredcircle subreddit was that he consider leaving WWE for a promotion like Global Force Wrestling (GFW), Jeff Jarrett’s new promotion which plans to launch in 2015. Cesaro would be instant main event fodder for the fledgling organization, and he could be just the kind of star that might encourage other WWE talent — or TNA talent, for that matter — to jump ship. With talented workers like Bo Dallas and Adam Rose currently being misused by the WWE, it wouldn’t be hard to slap a fresh coat of paint on these guys and give them the right kind of push. Besides, there is a good chance that Dallas’ and Rose’s days are numbered in WWE. From the current Cesaro booking, he could be right there with them.

Let’s examine his run since WrestleMania 30 when he actually won the first ever Andre the Giant Invitational battle royal.

He has lost every title shot he’s been given. He was badly mishandled when paired with Paul Heyman. He has dropped two high-profile PPV matches in a row to Sheamus and Dolph Ziggler. The Ziggler loss was especially disheartening since it was a 2-out-of-3 falls match, and Ziggler shut him out. Getting beaten by a retooled Ryback was icing on a bitter cake, and it’s hard to see WWE using it to boost Cesaro from where he is now. After all, if they did use the losing streak as part of the storyline, it would be too similar to what they’re currently doing with Ryback.

That would be too much, too soon.

Nothing at this point can be assumed about a Cesaro push than the fact it’s not going to happen — ever.

So what’s a Swiss Superman to do? Should he stay in WWE, the only game in town at present, and be horribly misused until discarded? Or should he try his hand at something new with GFW?

It’s not like he would be in bad hands with Jeff Jarrett. After all, Jarrett was a major creative force behind putting TNA on the map and he really didn’t have anything to do with how the company has been mismanaged.

Jarrett couldn’t pay what Vince McMahon does but Cesaro would be in a great position to build his character and a new energetic wrestling promotion in the process.

And Jarrett’s ideas for GFW — to bring back a “territory” system with existing promotions like AAA and New Japan Pro Wrestling — is something fans are currently clamoring for. According to Bleacher Report, he has agreements in place with 13 wrestling organizations on five continents at this time.

Do you think Cesaro would thrive in such a system, or should he stay put in WWE?