WWE: Mick Foley Wants A Permanent Role For ‘Monday Night RAW’ And ‘Smackdown’

Mick Foley is seriously considering taking a permanent position within the WWE and, according to his latest musings, he already has some suggestions for Monday Night RAW and SmackDown.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Mick Foley believes the “sky’s the limit” for one particular WWE superstar. It’s also claimed that, once John Cena gets old enough that he needs to slow down, the face of the WWE may become a general manager.

When Mick Foley showed up recently in the ring, it was a huge pop for the WWE Universe. After all, this was the man who The Undertaker tossed off the top of the Hell In A Cell cage, while Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins had to climb partially down the side before dropping onto the announce table. Admittedly, the new Hell In A Cell is significantly taller than the old version but Foley still holds that claim to fame.

The potential for Mick Foley’s return to the WWE started back in September when the WWE Network dedicated an entire episode of Monday Night Wars that honored him for what he had done for the company in the past. At the time, Foley wrote on an open letter on his Facebook stating how much this meant to him.

“Dear Mr McMahon;

“Thank you. I am beyond grateful, and feel that this episode of #TheMondayNightWar might just be the bridge that brings me back home to #WWE. Hard to believe that such an amazing bridge can be built for only $9.99 a month.”


“Mick Foley”
“3X WWE Champion”

The question remained about what Foley would do if he does come back for good and not just the occasional visit. Foley decided to raise a possible position himself earlier today on his Facebook.

“FOLEY FOR GM? When asked a few months ago on social media how I would feel about another run as a WWE General Manager, I said. ‘I don’t think I will be asked, and would turn down the offer if I was.’ Well, after my appearance on WWE Monday Night Raw a few weeks ago, I’ve kind of changed my tune. That appearance energized me, and made me feel like I just might have something to offer #WWE on a more regular basis. I think there is a chance I’ll be asked about becoming GM within the next year — and if asked… I think I’d do it.”

“How would you feel about another Foley GM run?”

Like the big man says, what do you think about Mick Foley becoming a general manager?