Kyle Richards Source Denies Rumors, Doesn’t Want Kim’s Dog Euthanized

Kyle Richards Family Photos

Despite reports, Kyle Richards does not want her sister Kim to euthanize her dog, Kingsley.

As the Inquisitr reported on Thursday, Kim’s dog attacked Kyle’s daughter, Alexia Umansky, on Saturday at Kim’s Los Angeles home, leaving her in need of multiple surgeries.

“Kyle has told Kim the dog needs to be euthanized, and her family won’t go to her house until the dog is gone,” a source revealed to Radar Online on November 7. “Kim is absolutely heartbroken about the entire situation. The last thing she would ever want is for her dog to hurt anyone. But Kim is refusing to even consider the possibility of Kingsley being euthanized.”

Following the attack, the insider claimed, Kim began considering a few different options for her pit bull dog, including sending him to a place where he could hopefully be properly trained.

“There are several options Kim is considering, including sending Kingsely to a behaviorist, or even a doggy boot camp. Also on the table, is giving Kinglsey to a pitbull group that could give him a better life than she could,” the source explained.

According to the source, Kyle has expressed “genuine fear for Kim and her kids’ safety around the dog,” the source said. “She is scared Kingsley could hurt or even kill the family.”

In a second report, a source claimed Radar‘s insider was incorrect.

Although Alexia was left hospitalized after being attacked by Kingsley, Kyle Richards “does not want the pit bull put down that viciously attacked her daughter,” TMZ reported, also on November 7. “Kyle has made it clear to friends and family… destroying Kingsley is not an option. She knows the dog is extremely important to Kim, who is struggling with ongoing addiction problems and really has no one else.”

“Kyle thinks it would be a good idea if Kim realized she can’t really control the dog and it would be best to give it to someone who has better control over the animal,” the site explained. “Kingsley has been a problem — he’s bitten 4 people… 3 at Kim’s home. He’s also aggressive toward other animals.”

Alexia has reportedly been released from care and is now home with her family.

Kyle Richards returns to Bravo, along with Kim, Yolanda Richards, Brandi Glanville, Lisa Rinna, Eileen Davidson, and Lisa Vanderpump, on November 18 in the fifth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. According to the Inquisitr, many problems, feuds, and complications will be addressed.

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