Jennifer Lopez Dating Backup Dancer Casper Smart? [Pics]

If TMZ is correct, it may not surprise you that Jennifer Lopez has dusted off the lingering sadness after her split from fellow singer/dancer Marc Anthony and has found herself a new man.

42-year-old Lopez has been in the public eye for more than a decade now, and the Bronx-born celebrity is infrequently without an escort. Throughout her career, she has been serious with P. Diddy, Ben Affleck and most recently her soon-to-be-ex-husband Marc Anthony, with whom she is parents to twins Max and Emme. Lopez has also been known to interface with her backup dancers, one of whom she married prior to her relationship with Anthony.

It seems old habits die hard, because Lopez is again reportedly linked with a backup dancer, Casper Smart. TMZ says:

According to our sources, Lopez and Smart spent the first few months as “just friends” — flirting, talking and just hanging out — but lately they’ve been touchy-feely in front of JLo’s other dancers… We’re told the mood of rehearsals has shifted — she’s a lot more focused on Casper … who is 24. Jennifer is 42.

The pic above of Lopez and Smart was reportedly taken over the summer in Ukraine, where Smart danced alongside Lopez. It’s said the pic was taken before the two began dating. Recently, the singer broke down during a performance and began sobbing on stage, an incident many chalked up to her recent marital troubles and subsequent split. However, Lopez later told press the emotional outburst was not over Anthony, and rather because she missed her kids.