Teen Too Drunk: School Shooting Avoided After Teen Gets ‘Too Drunk’ To Carry Out Massacre

A teen too drunk to carry out a school shooting is in police custody in Maryland. According to the New York Post, Sash Nemphos, 16, had plans to kill his parents, a police officer, students and teachers at his school, and himself in a planned massacre that never happened. The 10th grader brought a gun to George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology in Towson on Halloween, but had been drinking whiskey before class, and got too drunk to carry out his plans.

“Nemphos was arrested at his home Saturday during a separate theft investigation in which he revealed his attack plans, police said. Police found a suicide note and a journal detailing his plans for the thwarted attack. Police seized the journal, homemade bombs, and a handgun from the boy’s home.”

The teen too drunk to go through with his school shooting plans claimed that he was bullied for much of his life. It is believed that his pre-meditated killing spree was a result of feelings he had from being made fun of and picked on at school. Although he spoke to teachers about being bullied, the teen told police that nothing had ever been done to stop it from happening. This is why he decided to take matters into his own hands.

According to Monroe News, Nemphos told police that he was going to go through with his plan on Monday, after he had time to sober up. Fortunately, police caught him before he could harm anyone.

The teen too drunk to go through with the school shooting will be charged, as an adult per the request of prosecutors overseeing the case. At this time, Nemphos has not obtained a lawyer. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the teen has undergone a psychiatric evaluation following his arrest. He was originally charged as a juvenile on several counts, including possession of a destructive device, theft, and possession of a handgun, but he now faces steeper punishment since he is being charged as an adult.

The original reports did not reveal the teen’s name or the fact that he’d been too drunk to pull out his gun and kill people. The fact that he actually brought the handgun to school is frightening enough. Calls to the boy’s parents were not answered. At least one source says that a woman who answered the phone at the boy’s home hung up when she realized it was a call from the media.

[Photo courtesy of Columbia Engineering]