ABC Cancels Freshman Comedy Series ‘Selfie’

For the most part, ABC is having a very successful season thanks to its Thursday night block owning its demographic, but in terms of its Tuesday night line up, it just never gelled. ABC has decided to cancel its freshman series Selfie, a comedy starring John Cho and Karen Gillan, that was loosely based on My Fair Lady with a modern twist.

Apparently, the millennials the show was targeted at were too busy to pick up interest in the show. Although Selfie created an online awareness thanks to its social networking integration in the plot, that interest didn’t hold or grow as ABC had hoped it would.

The comedy series didn’t seem to impress critics either.

The Hollywood Reporter had a slight hope for the show, but also noted, “All of the obvious self-awareness jokes are glaring and irritating.”

One commentator on the site nailed the big problem of Selfie.

“I don’t know who thinks Millennials would find “Selfie” appealing. It feels insulting. Everything the writer hates about an entire generation put into one person so she can criticize it or have another character try to fix it. Doesn’t make the insults aimed at the generation ABC wants to court in the ratings any less obnoxious.”

This isn’t the only show that ABC has cancelled this season. Prior to Selfie getting the boot, Manhattan Love Story, also on Tuesdays, is no longer filming new episodes. While some people seemed to enjoy Selfie, it seems like absolutely no one liked Manhattan Love Story. At least Selfie offered somewhat charming performances by John Cho and Karen Gillian. A few more weeks and no one will remember the former.

Although John Cho didn’t tweet about the cancellation, he did reach out to his fans via Twitter.

Fans have already decided to band together to create a campaign to bring Selfie back with the hashtag #BringBackSelfie. Here’s a few responses.

#BringBackSelfie #SpreadTheSelfie @EmilyKapnek @karengillan @JohnTheCho @DaVineJoy @Henry_Higgs20 @The_Doolio

— Amelia Nicholson (@WhovianGillan1) November 7, 2014


So Eden sank to grief, So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay. #RIPselfie #bringbackSelfie

— Brendan O’Connor (@_grendan) November 7, 2014

[Image via ABC]