Twitter Overtakes Digg In Traffic

For the first time, Twitter has now overtaken Digg in U.S.-based traffic.

Twitter climbed to the #84 spot in market share last week while Digg landed at #85, according to new data just released by Hitwise. The data analysis company credits the heavy Twitter traffic related to the U.S. Airways crash into the Hudson River for helping bring the site over the edge. Twitter’s success is likely even larger than it appears here, too, as these figures do not take into account Twitter usage originating from cell phones.

Twitter-Digg Traffic

Twitter is also rapidly growing in the 25-34 age range, with 45 percent of its traffic now coming from that group. Only 12 percent of Twitter’s traffic was within the 25-34 group one year ago. Digg, in comparison, currently has 20 percent of its users in that range.

Another interesting note: While Digg’s traffic comes largely from Google, Twitter’s comes largely from social networks.

Not too shabby, eh?