Oprah Winfrey Includes $150 Loaf Of Bread On List Of Her ‘Favorite Things’ Of 2014

Oprah Winfrey must have some expensive sandwiches.

The media mogul just put out her highly anticipated “Favorite Things” list for 2014, and included on the typically high-priced list is a $150 loaf of bread.

The full list could cost (which can be seen here) would cost just a hair under $17,000 if someone bought it all. But the standout was the giant loaf of bread, which actually weighs in at 15 pounds. Oprah Winfrey called the crusty sourdough loaf a tabletop “sentimental piece” and suggested that it could feed an entire party.

“Put it out for your holiday party and toast the leftovers the morning after. And after. And after,” the description read.

Naturally, the bread’s inclusion caused a bit of controversy online. While the list itself is supposed to be a bit above the financial reach of the average viewer, the idea of spending close to $200 on a single loaf of bread didn’t sit well with a lot of people.

CNN Money also took on the pricy bread, making fun of it a bit in their assessment of Oprah’s “favorite things” list:

“While it’s not exactly like breaking bread with Oprah, you can break really, really, ridiculously expensive bread like Oprah. The 15-pound loaf of rustic, thick-crusted sourdough is two feet in diameter, and is what Oprah calls ‘a statement piece,’ as every carb should be.”

Anyone lucky enough to get invited to a holiday party hosted by Oprah Winfrey — or rich enough to dish out $150 for a bread — will have a chance to find out just how good an expensive loaf of bread can be.