WWE News: Huge Update On Brock Lesnar’s Future, Change In WrestleMania Plans?

Where in the world is Brock Lesnar? He’s probably in the mountains laying the smacketh down on animals that cross his path. That or Lesnar is enjoying the fireplace with his wife at home. Meanwhile, the WWE Universe is in desperate need for the WWE World Heavyweight champion to come back to television, which still won’t happen for about a month. Until then, the WWE will go WWE championship-less. Despite the good change of direction, Lesnar being gone this long isn’t best for business.

Moving forward, the plan for WrestleMania 31 is constantly-changing. If one thing is planned with the Rock or Triple H, the next week will include CM Punk or Goldberg. Of course, that’s being extreme, but the point is there. Don’t be surprised by who will be appearing at WrestleMania 31 until the month before.

Sescoops is now reporting that a huge update took place dealing with Brock Lesnar’s WWE future. The main event everybody thought would take place may not happen anymore.

“There was an expectation at one point in time that WWE would sign Lesnar to a new deal and possibly give him a big babyface run. While it could still happen, it really seems to boil down to whether or not WWE considers his price tag something that’s worth it financially in the end.

“As far as Lesnar’s next match, the plan was for him to beat John Cena in January so that the win by Reigns at WrestleMania would look even more impressive. However, if WWE decides that they can’t afford to re-sign Lesnar, then the plans for the Lesnar-Cena match could be changed. The alternative as things stand now would appear to be Cena beating Lesnar, setting up a Cena vs. Reigns match at WrestleMania, which Reigns would win. They could also put the title on and have Reigns beat him at WrestleMania, however the feeling is that wouldn’t be as meaningful as Reigns beating Lesnar or Cena.”

There a lot of interesting developments happening with Lesnar’s WWE future. Some are saying that he will go back to the UFC, while others fully anticipate Lesnar signing a new deal with the WWE. If that’s the case, then a lot of problems will need to be addressed. For example, who will be their next WWE World Heavyweight champion? On top of all that, will it really be Roman Reigns?

What’s the point of having him face Lesnar at WrestleMania if he’s just going to leave? I get the fact that nobody was able to beat Lesnar, and then Reigns comes in and takes him out once and for all. Still, that isn’t believable. Taking the title off Lesnar may need to take place before WrestleMania. Remember, Rollins has that briefcase he’s been carrying around since the summer.

Why can’t the winner of Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose face-off against Lesnar, or even Rollins? That would be too entertaining. That’s not the reason why WWE won’t do it, but they feel that Reigns is the next big thing. If that were the case, the crowd would cheer for Reigns at every show. Heck, they cheer for a retired wrestler. Where’s the love for Reigns?

[Image via wwe.com]