How Alex From Target Could Help Save Target And Retail

Last week, Alex was a typical 16-year-old teenager working at a Texas Target store when someone secretly took his picture, posted it on Twitter and the rest is Internet history. That same day, Alex became “Alex from Target,” and within a few days, he went from having a modest 144 Twitter followers to a staggering 694,000 when that secret photograph of him was tweeted using hashtag #alexfromtarget.

By his own admission, he can’t sing and he says that his dancing is embarrassing, but he’s attractive, has great hair and looks like he’s a member of a new boy band. Alex is now famous for nothing a la The Kardashians, who are the poster children for “Famous for Nothing” and have created a multimillionaire empire on this platform of nothingness.

Along with this social media pandemonium ride that Alex is on, he was asked to be a guest on The Ellen Show, where he proceeded to explain how “really confused” and overwhelmed he was by this entire circumstance, and how he now felt pressure to tweet more since he has such a huge following. He has also received calls from Hollywood agents and has met with the well known William Morris Entertainment Agency where he and others hope to capitalize on his new found fame.

In this day and age of social media, you no longer need to move to Hollywood to be discovered. Teenagers from across the country can now simply fill out job applications at Target or other retail sites and wait for their big break. The positive attention of Alex from Target has also brought much needed attention to the Target Corporation, which suffered major consumer and sales declines due to a recent massive data breach by cyber attack as reported by the Inquisitr. Jumping on the Twitter bandwagon, Target also tweeted, “We heart Alex, too!”#alexfromtarget, which was a great marketing step in the right direction for the mass retailer.

alexfromtarget ellen degeneres

“Alex from Target” is a viral sensation and so popular now that the internet is being inundated with imitators looking for the same success by taking photos of cute guys working at other establishments, according to BuzzFeed. Getting in on the action we now find Starbucks (“Frankie from Starbucks,”) State Farm (“Jake from StateFarm”) and T-Mobile (“Kieran from T-Mobile”). There are also links where you can dress like Alex by copying his look, which consists of a red shirt, khaki pants and black wrist watch.

Having attractive employees on every aisle could be what is needed to surge sales into the retail industry. This may convince more shoppers to venture out to the store instead of shopping online.

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