This Is What Happens When You Microwave A Glow Stick [Video]

When it comes to things you feel like you don’t need to tell people, “Don’t microwave a glow stick and hold it near your eyes” is probably up there on the list alongside… You know, “Don’t microwave a glow stick…” might be in its own league, as evidenced by this video.

YouTube user DaveMatthewsBandFan4 gave us this incredibly educational video that teaches us a lesson that, well, one would hope most people wouldn’t have to learn.

“Jack (my little brother) decided to film himself microwaving a glow stick,” the video poster writes in the description, “and what happens next is hilarious!”

Great to see that level of brotherly concern. Posting a video of a glow stick blowing up in someone’s face and then calling the incident “hilarious” is the sort of schadenfreude one only gets with brothers. It’s really the type of story that would otherwise only be recounted when Jack’s future fiancee comes over for dinner, but the magic of the internet means that we can all join in on the family experience.

Probably one of the best bits of the video is Dad’s reaction. There’s a sort of long suffering annoyance seen only with the parents of kids that go on to microwave glow sticks.

“God d****t, Jack,” Dad sighs. “Come here, I have no clue what to do with this.” Whether “this” means the glow-stick-juice-in-eye problem or the my-son-microwaves-glow-sticks problem is one of the true mysteries of the clip, but what is clear is that Jack had been forewarned.

“God, I told you not to mess with it,” Dad says.

Fortunately, young Jack didn’t sustain any permanent damage. The video poster says that his little brother is now okay. The same, unfortunately, cannot necessarily be said for Jack’s “beautiful shirt.”

[Lead image via VegasHipster]