Leah Calvert’s Alleged Hookup Admits They’ve Been In Touch, Says Jeremy Won’t Let Her Talk To Her Brother

Leah Calvert Brother Photo

Leah Calvert’s husband revealed last month that she cheated on him with Robbie Kidd, and while the Teen Mom 2 star denied the affair, things between her and Jeremy don’t appear to be going well.

In addition to Jeremy staying silent in regard to Leah on social media, as she tweets her love to him, Leah’s reported hookup continues to speak publicly about their relationship. In his latest interview, Robbie revealed that he and Leah have been in touch, and claimed Jeremy will no longer allow her to speak to anyone that has a relationship with Robbie.

“I have no idea where the deer cam s**t came from,” Robbie told Blog Talk Radio, according to a November 7 report by Wetpaint Entertainment. “I guess Jeremy’s dad said something about seeing me on his deer cam going into Leah’s house, but I’ve never been to Leah’s house.”

Following Jeremy’s accusations against Leah, the reality star’s mom, Dawn Spears, took to Twitter, where she alleged the rumor got started after Jeremy’s dad informed him that he caught Robbie sneaking into Leah’s home on his deer cam. Robbie also denied the allegations during a previous interview, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Although Robbie denied hooking up with Leah recently, he did hook up with her before during her engagement to Corey Simms. In fact, as Leah admitted on Teen Mom 2, she and Robbie had sex just hours before she and her ex-husband tied the knot.

“One time we met up in a parking lot and spoke,” Robbie said of his relationship with Corey after he and Leah’s affair. “He asked me about it and I told him plain what had happened… I guess she had drank a bunch, and I had been partying myself, and we had been talking and it just happened.”

As for his communication with Jeremy, Robbie said he had none. However, he did hear that Jeremy had put a rule in place for Leah.

“Jeremy doesn’t want [Leah] in contact with anybody that’s associated with me,” Robbie said, noting one of those people as Leah’s bother, Isaac, whom he lived with up until recently.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Isaac is currently expecting his first child, and allowed Robbie to live with him after he split with his young daughter’s mom.

During the interview, Robbie admitted he and Leah were in touch, but claimed their time together wasn’t romantic. According to Robbie, Leah was trying to help him “get back together with my baby’s mama.”

“It’s been so long since me and [Leah Calvert] have been together, she could be a totally different person now,” he said, adding he wouldn’t want to date Leah — even if she was single.

In Leah Calvert’s latest tweet, she made it seem that she and Jeremy are totally fine, despite the constant rumors. “Their is nothing more important in my life than my husband and my girls! I love you all so much,” she wrote.

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