Parents Of Jodi Arias Speak Out For The First Time Since Conviction

The parents of convicted murderer Jodi Arias published a video through YouTube on Monday, speaking out for the first time since their daughter was convicted.

But if you were hoping for words of regret or sorrow, or any insight, you will be pretty disappointed.

Instead, the video, titled “A Message from Bill and Sandy Arias,” was to thank viewers for their donations so far… and to plead for more. They also cautioned viewers against donating to any site except for, which is the only website the Arias family and their legal team support, as it is a site that is managed by the Arias family.

“We don’t know whether these donations [on other sites] will ever reach Jodi,” Bill Arias said in the video.

Sandy Arias assures viewers, though, that any monies donated on their website will be used for their intended purposes. She said that she can “personally guarantee that all funds raised will be for Jodi’s defense and no other purchase.”

The reason for the donations, the Arias family says, is to “obtain the best legal representation possible for appeals” in the Jodi Arias case.

The YouTube video was taken down the next day, with no reason given as to why it was taken down.

Jodi Arias’ parents stand firmly behind their daughter, conviction or not.

“We love our daughter,” says Sandy Arias in the video. “We support her and we stand behind her.”

According to the Arias’ website, donations are accepted online, as well as by check or money order. The money is placed in a trust for Jodi’s legal defense, and is non-refundable. It is also not tax deductible. As far as how much money has been raised thus far, a clear answer is not to be found on the website, although it does state that similar cases cost around $250,000 in legal costs.

In addition, there is a second website, which neither Arias mentioned in their plea for money — This site serves as a platform for Jodi Arias to sell her original artwork. One painting alone is currently priced at $9,000 — although you can get more modest pencil sketches and prints for $25 a piece.

And if art doesn’t appeal to you, you can also purchase a so-called “Jodiband.” This is a white rubber bracelet bearing the words “Free Jodi,” and they also go for $25 a piece.

According to this site, “Every purchase is then, in essence, a pledge of $25 toward the fight for Jodi’s freedom.”

Of course, there are many people who say Jodi deserves anything but freedom.

Jodi Arias is currently in the penalty phase of her trial, after being convicted of brutally murdering her boyfriend, Travis Alexander. Although the trial is currently on hold, jurors will ultimately be deciding whether or not Jodi Arias will receive the death penalty for her crime.

[Image via Radar Online]