Teresa Giudice Warns Her ‘RHONJ’ Co-Stars Of Future Cast Members

Teresa Giudice doesn’t have the best outlook on future cast members of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. During part two of the Season 6 reunion show, Giudice opened up about her time on the Bravo reality show, and gave same advice to her fellow housewives.

“I came on the show for fun, and it went totally a different way,” Giudice told reunion host and Real Housewives creator Andy Cohen, according to a November 7 report by Us Weekly. “I mean, look where I’m at now. I was so naive.”

Last year, after appearing on Bravo for several years, Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe, who the Inquisitr reported was boozing hard after receiving jail time, were indicted on 39 counts of fraud. Months later, two more charges were added in regards to alleged criminal behavior by the pair for many years prior. Then, on October 2, the Giudices attended their sentencing, where Giudice received a 15-month prison term, and her husband received a 41-month sentence.

“There were people that came on the show that tried to hurt Joe and I,” Giudice continued of her time on the show, without naming names. “Some of them were Housewives, and some of them were strangers. Like, even people that just came to parties started a lot of trouble.”

Giudice went on to warn her co-stars not to be too trusting when it came to the other women on the show.

“Just be careful,” she advised. “There are people that come on the show that try to hurt you.”

Despite Teresa Giudice’s words about potential future housewives, that isn’t stopping her from signing onto a seventh season — at least according to the latest report. As the Inquisitr announced earlier this month, a source recently claimed Giudice and her family would star in one more season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey before she enters prison.

“It was a no brainer for Teresa to decide to do the show, because she obviously needs the money to pay off mounting debts,” a source told Radar Online. “The producers were thrilled, because it will result in a ratings bonanza.”

Giudice also reportedly intends on demanding high salaries for her four children.

“Teresa is using the girls as leverage to get more money,” the source explained. “She knows viewers will want to see how they are coping with the fallout from their parents’ legal problems.”

For more of Teresa Giudice, tune into part three of the Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6 reunion on November 11 on Bravo.

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