First Look At ‘Girls’ Season 4 Trailer [Video]

Girls season 4

It’s been months since we’ve caught a glimpse of what Girls Season 4 will look like. Months ago, HBO released a small teaser of Lena Dunham as Hannah riding a bike around campus in Iowa before she falls flat on her face. Although it was a meta-promotion, it hinted that Hannah might not have a smooth transition from Brooklyn to her Writer’s Workshop in Iowa.

Now we have a first look at the characters and it looks like everyone is going through some sort of change. For Shoshanna, someone finally will knock some sense into her delusion and narcissism. For Adam, it’s a new kind of vulnerability that we haven’t seen before from him. Now that he has a true passion for acting, it seems like he’ll have to experience the vain side of the industry, which might make him question his looks.

As for Hannah, in Adam’s words she’s “making a series of random steps.” We may see her fall into the same pattern of being overly enthusiastic about thriving in a new environment, but it looks like she’s only open to change superficially. “I’m eating grapes as a snack!” she says. When it comes to her writing, she’s at a learning curve as her class focuses on fiction and she is still stuck in non-fiction, which is a challenge for the aspiring writer.

Jessa seems like she’s still on a rough path after going through rehab last season. The only real glimpse into this season that we have for her so far is seeing her get arrested. Does she even have a home or is she a vagabond? Who knows? Marnie is stil making bad decisions that she thinks will lead to finding love, but on the plus side it looks like we’ll get to hear Marnie continue with her singing career, which has always been a highlight in the series.

Here are a few reactions to the Girls trailer.

[Image via HBO]