Michael Brown's Mom Accused Of Beating Grandma Over Ferguson Shooting T-Shirts

Michael Brown's mom may face felony armed robbery charges. Lesley McSpadden is accused of enlisting a group of people to "beat" another group of people who were selling Mike Brown T-shirts in Ferguson. One T-shirt seller was allegedly beaten so badly that hospitalization was required, and another seller was allegedly beaten with a pipe.

Lesley McSpadden and a group of about 30 people allegedly drove up to a group of Mike Brown T-shirt vendors and "rushed" them. One of the Ferguson Michael Brown shooting beating victims was reportedly the teenager's grandmother and McSpadden's former mother-in-law, Pearlie Gordon.

Mike Brown's mom said, "You can't sell this s**t," according to Ferguson witness statements in a police report.

Pearlie Gordon allegedly refused to back down from the Lesley McSpadden group.

"Unless McSpadden could produce she had a patent on her son's name, Gordo was going to continue to sell her merchandise," the police report also added.

Ferguson police officers also noted that $400 in cash and more than $1,500 in Michael Brown merchandise was allegedly stolen by Lesley McSpadden and her group.

michael brown t-shirts
Michael Brown merchandise allegedly sparked armed robbery and fight between relatives.

Fox News recently obtained the Ferguson incident report concerning the Lesley McSpadden and Pearlie Gordon incident. Journalist Chris Hayes was able to garner the document after a hearing was held in St. Louis County Court. The court proceeding was reportedly prompted by McSpadden asking the Ferguson Police Department not to release the Mike Brown T-shirt incident report. McSpadden reportedly asked Judge Maura McShane to stop the release, but the judge said the incident report must be made public to comply with the law.

The Michael Brown T-shirt incident occurred on October 18 in the parking lot of Red's BBQ. The restaurant is located on Canfield and West Florissant – just a few blocks from where Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Mike Brown.

The Ferguson police report also indicates that Pearlie Gordon was "repeatedly struck in the back of the head by an unknown subject and knocked to the ground." The Mike Brown shooting T-shirts incident report states that Lesley McSpadden "ran up and punched Gordon" after the alleged initial attack by an unknown subject. A witness to the Ferguson shooting T-shirt incident reportedly captured the entire fight vie cell phone video, but the person has not yet been "convinced" by the police to hand over the video.

Ferguson police officer reportedly arrived at the Michael Brown T-shirt vendor area within four minutes of receiving a 911 call about the fight. Tony Petty, Mike Brown's cousin, was transported via EMS to a local hospital. Petty was reportedly among those selling Michael Brown merchandise. Crime scene photos of Petty's face reportedly indicate that he was struck with a pipe.

Lesley McSpadden denies assaulting any of the Mike Brown merchandise vendors. Her attorney asked Judge McShane to be "sensitive" to his client because she is dealing with the loss of a child. Judge McShane also asked that the public be sensitive to the "bubbling" of emotions surrounding the case. Lesley McSpadden is allegedly focused on spreading a message of peace and is scheduled to address the United Nations in Geneva later this month.

[Image via: The Blaze]