Pippa Middleton Dances At Wyoming Hoedown, Heads To New York For ‘Today’ Show Contract Talks

Pippa Middleton Goes To Wyoming Hoedown, Heads To New York For 'Today' Contract TalksPippa Middleton Goes To Wyoming Hoedown, Heads To New York For 'Today' Contract Talks

Pippa Middleton could soon be taking American television by storm.

The sister of Duchess Kate Middleton has been in negotiations with NBC to join the Today show as a correspondent. The 31-year-old Pippa was spotted in New York early this week for what was reportedly contract talks, and she then jetted out to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to film what is believed to be a segment for the show.

In Wyoming, Pippa was spotted at a hoedown dance with locals that was filmed by television cameras. Pippa was seen wearing jeans and a flannel shirt and getting down at a local bar. Locals posted pictures of Pippa all over social media, including a dance routine with an elderly man who wore a cowboy hat.

Pippa Middleton could stand to make a lot from her new gig.The New York Daily News, reported that she is seeking a deal “upward of $500,000” to become a lifestyle and health issues correspondent for NBC.

The contract talks are reportedly heating up. Fox News reported that the network fell in love after Pippa Middleton did an interview with Matt Lauer, believing she had a lot of charisma on camera. Pippa then did a test shoot in Utah, which sources say she passed with flying colors

“NBC, along with all the major networks, has been trying to sign Pippa for some time,” a source reported to Fox.

Pippa is turning into something of a lifestyle maven. She has also written a number of columns on food, fitness, and hosting, and is in the process of writing a book on the correct way to throw a party. E! Online reported that a number of publishers are interested in the book, which could land Pippa as much as $1.6 million. But the ambitions may have also created some problems for Pippa Middleton. There are reports that her sister Kate Middleton is upset at the exposure she is giving to the royal family, and wants her sister to back away from the spotlight a bit.