‘Toy Story 4’: Will Woody And Buzz Be Back?

Toy Story 4 is coming to theaters on June 16, 2017, marking this the first return to the storyline since 2010. The big question surroundingToy Story 4, beyond why Disney felt there needed to be yet another chapter in this story, is whether or not Woody and Buzz are going to be coming back.

The Telegraph points out that if the starring characters do make a comeback, they will be in good hands, considering it will be helmed by original directory John Lasseter. Lee Unkrich, who directed the third installment of this series, is also on board.

Lasseter told the Telegraph he also thought the stories of Woody, Buzz and Jessie had largely been resolved.

“We don’t want to do anything with them unless it lives up to or surpasses what’s gone before,” he said.

So does Toy Story 4 indeed surpass where the first three have gone before? That will obviously be left up to a collection of talent when it comes to writers and directors who are well versed in this particular universe. It seems likely that Buzz, Woody, and Jessie will indeed be back, as well as the Potato Heads and the T-Rex. It also seems likely these characters will have new adventures with a new playmate, considering the end of Toy Story 3 had Andy handing off his toys to Bonnie.

Lasseter told the Los Angeles Times that Toy Story 4 will actually be a love story, instead of the action-packed, edge-of-your-seat adventure found in the third installment. The story for the new film will apparently pick up shortly after the last one ended, and because there is a new kid in town, there is a chance there could be some new toy characters making an appearance (for better or worse) in this fourth installment.

In addition to Lasseter and Unkrich, Pete Docter, the director of Up, and Andrew Stanton, the director of Finding Nemo (and that movie’s upcoming sequel) will be brought on board to help with the story. Rashida Jones, who is most known for her work in front of the camera, will help write the script. Lasseter has said that he wants to have a strong female voice for Toy Story 4. That desire seems to underline that this film will have a little more romance than previous versions. Perhaps Toy Story 4 will finally wrap up the love triangle that has been hinted at between Buzz, Woody, and Jessie.