‘The Walking Dead’: Emily Kinney ‘Bonded’ With Norman Reedus During Filming

[Warning: Walking Dead Spoilers Ahead]

One of the Walking Dead’s most agonizing plot lines of Season 5 before Sunday had been the mysterious disappearance of Beth Greene, played by actress Emily Kinney — mainly because of the budding relationship that seemed to develop between her character and Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon.

And now Kinney has revealed to AMC that their bond extended well after the cameras stopped rolling.

“When Beth and Daryl bonded, Norman and I did too,” Emily revealed in an AMC TV blog post. “We were the only ones shooting during that episode. I trust him and feel that crossover in real life. He stays in the moment in such a beautiful way. It’s really inspiring.”

Kinney’s character was finally revealed to be alive in this past Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, but now viewers are left wondering whether Beth is going to stay that way. She resurfaced in Atlanta at Grady Hospital, a facility run by a cop named Dawn where the motto from within their walls is “we save your life, now you owe us.”

Eventually, Beth attempts to escape, but ultimately fails to save herself from their clutches. The episode ended on an ominous cliffhanger as Carol is brought into the hospital on a gurney, suffering from unknown injuries. Seeing Carol at the hospital also re-energizes Beth, who may have been attempting to make her final stand against her captors.

“I think that seeing Carol sort of snaps her out of it,” Emily Kinney told TV Guide. “It makes her think, I might have an ally here after all. I might be closer to my family than I thought. There could be another game plan here than just fighting for myself. I think that instilled within her a tiny bit of, ‘Oh, there is a chance. Worlds are colliding a bit and maybe I could find someone I know.'”

And now Walking Dead fans everywhere will have to wait and see how it all turns out. We know that Norman Reedus makes his way back to the group at the end of Episode 4. But we don’t know who came with him. And as reported by the Inquisitr, major outlets are revealing that it’s possible that both Carol and Beth do not make it back alive.

But until we know for sure, Walking Dead fans can still cling to the hope that Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney’s characters will reunite and rekindle the “bond” they started developing in Season 4.